About Us

GRAND PRIOR & CO.  was established to respond to corporate and public demand for legal practice which is efficient, effective, and innovative in resolving legal issues. In this era of globalization and advancement in information technology, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to be equipped with current legal advice and services. With our expertise, we hope to provide excellent legal support for businesses and individuals.

Professional legal advice and services can value add your business. Our aim is to prevent any potential legal issues that may arise in your business, as well as resolve or mitigate any existing ones. Together, we can protect your profits and ensure sustainability.

Supported by professionals with competency in their respective fields, GRAND PRIOR & CO. is your best partner for legal services.

GRAND PRIOR & CO. is designed and built with an integrated management system. We provide legal services from the initial planning, to the protection for a settlement of dispute in court (litigation), or out of court (non-litigation), or through the alternative mechanism of dispute resolution, such as through mediation, arbitration, conciliation and others. Your best interest is always our priority.

Our People

Managing Partner

Senior Partners

M. Abduh Watu Aji, S.H.,M.H

Irawan Agung Raharjo, S.S., S.H, M.H.,

Wiwis Meilynna, S.H., M.Kn.

Junior Partners

Willy Nesia Putra, SH.

Dinda Ramadhany, S.H.

Adhiyoga Wira Dewata, S.H.


Syafnil Armen., S.IP., S.H., M.Sc


Nicolas Sinaga, S.E.

Erlin Octavia, B.A, M.M.

Winda Himawan, S.E.