Area of Practices

Company Law

Covering corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and capital market activities, dispute the ownership of the shares, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders - General Meeting of Shareholders Extraordinary and Public Offer (Initial Public Offering (IPO) and competition law.

Intellectual-Property Law

Covering brands dispute, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, copyright, royalties and legal consultations related to IPR.

Banking Law

Covering product consulting, services, banking risk, banking dispute, the legal protection of creditor or debtor, and Islamic banking.

Environmental Law

Covering environmental disputes and class action lawsuits

Consumers Protection Law

Covers consumer dispute resolution in Badan Penyelesaian Sengketa Konsumen (BPSK) and the State Court

Land and Property Law

Covers legal consultation in buying and selling property, transfer of rights, land and housing disputes.

Marital Law

Covering consultation and dispute the legal aspects of marriage and inheritance, donation or grant probate, guardianship and custody of children, the lawsuit joint property in the District Court or the Religious Court.

Labor Law

Covering a bipartite or tripartite mediation, conciliation and labor disputes in court.

Insurance Law

Covers life insurance claims settlement, transport insurance, fire insurance and other insurance.

Criminal Law

Covering general criminal disputes such as fraud, embezzlement, and special crime such as money laundering, tax evasion, human trafficking, child protection, cyber crime, and illegal mining.